Thursday, June 20, 2024
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 iLedge Enterprise Solutions evolved from Strategic Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., (SMS) a company providing business consulting and software solutions for manufacturing businesses. The executives behind SMS have a combined experience of more than 60 years in the manufacturing, financial, and technology industries. We have worked with some of the world’s largest, most demanding, and most complex manufacturing companies. Examples are, Boeing, Hanjung, Toshiba, Bechtel Power, HP, General Motors, Gould, and Rockwell. Along with world-class manufacturers, the founders have extensive experience in the mid-market segment, as well as with start-up organizations. This mix of market experience has provided keen insight into building successful solutions for today’s challenging manufacturing requirements.

 Leading Edge Business Solutions is dedicated to providing customers the best experience in managing their businesses through effective iLedge software implementation. Complemented by expert business process analyses and reengineering, organizations benefit by reducing costs, streamlining business processes, and providing core business information company-wide.

 iLedge offers a true .NET platform, for a complete Microsoft solution, complementing your Microsoft backend and office investments.

 iLedge provides a highly cost-effective solution for today’s business that does not fit with large-scale implementations of Oracle Apps, SAP, PeopleSoft, JDPowers, and others.

iLedge is unique in that offers true solutions for mixed-mode and single mode manufacturing environments. Many discrete manufacturing packages advertise the support of process manufacturing, but are really a “square peg trying to fit a round hole.” Because process manufacturing has fundamental differences with discrete manufacturing, the fundamentals of the software are different. Discrete manufacturing packages’ fundamentals cannot simply be changed to fit process manufacturing, so many software vendors offer “bolt-ons.” This creates the appearances of true support of process manufacturing.

 iLedge is a complete business solution in that it supports today’s business needs. Complete support for any manufacturing environment, Finance & Accounting support with an integrated AR, AP, GL, and HR support for payroll. Full distribution complements these by providing sophisticated yet easy-to-use Purchasing, Sales, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Storefront and eBusiness capabilities as a truly integrated Storefront for web-based selling.
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