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Partner Program Detail

 iLedge offers three partner categories: Silver, Gold and Platnium. There are no signup or annual renewal fees associated with any of the Partner categories. At the Silver and Gold level, iLedge  requires formal sales training and implementation certifications.


 Each Partner category increases the role of the Partner in a sale. Bronze Partners have the smallest role in a sale. Gold Partners play a much larger one. Partners may change their category any time by acquiring the necessary training and certifications needed to move from one category to another.


 The categories are as follows:


§         Silver Partner

 To partner with ILedge as a Silver Partner, no training or prior knowledge of the product is required. Once you have qualified a lead,  we manage the sales process and perform the implementation. With this level of partnership, you will receive a commission on the software sold.


§           Gold Partner

 As a Silver Partner, we work together in closing the sale and implementing the product. As a requirement, you must complete Silver certification program in order to be proficient in delivering a complete product demonstration and engage in deployment and implementation.  Once a sale is completed, you are eligible to receive a margin on the software and ILedge professional services.


§         Platinum Partner

 Platinum Partners are the highest level of partnership available at iLedge. Being a platinum partner, you will be engaged in the complete sales and implementation cycle. Completing Platinum Certification program gives you the ability to conduct the entire process on your own with full competency in the product. You will receive margin on the software and, if applicable, any ILedge professional services sold.


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