Friday, April 12, 2024
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Corporate Message


 Leading Edge Business Solutions addresses today’s business problems through the lens of business, rather than technology. We feel that business needs should drive solutions, rather than technology. Viewing technology as potential tools to help solve business problems, we focus on providing solutions for today’s highly competitive global markets. Our two-tier approach begins with understanding your business needs. Once we identify your areas of concern, we craft solutions based on your priorities and budget constraints. The solution is an effective software implementation tailored to your unique business needs, often accompanied by professional services to help your organization become more effective.


n     Share core business data with your Microsoft environment

n     A practical, usable business software solution that adds value to your organization

n     A family of products supporting your core business processes of Manufacturing, SCM,

     CRM, Accounting, and Distribution

n     Technologies that extend your core business information to every possible application

     your company requires

n     Expertise in re-engineering business processes that reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies,

     streamline workflows, and match solutions with business needs


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