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Industries Served


iLedge has made its success on delivering innovative solutions that help manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive.


 Every industry has distinct needs and challenges that require specific solutions. That’s why we work with our manufacturing customers around the globe:


§      We visit our customers’ plants worldwide — and we work to understand their problems

§      We continuously track and analyze industry trends, and build requirements to support the

      future of your business

§      iLedge works with user groups, industry advisory groups, partners, and standards

     organizations worldwide

§     We develop innovative approaches to issues customers face in their industries


 This commitment ensures that our development efforts provide the critical functionality needed to meet today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring your viable competitive advantage.


Industries Served :


Electronic Industry

Food & Beverage

Consumer Goods



Heavy Industry


Assembly and Fabrication

Chemical & Petrochemical

Machine Shop


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