Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Mid-market Challenges

 Large corporations invested large sums of money into business systems over the last twenty years.  Mid-sized companies have maintained their original systems, or have deployed separate software packages along functional lines. For example, accounting software from one vendor, a sales system from another, a purchasing system from a third, and a shop floor control package from yet another.


 Today’s businesses are faced with challenges not traditionally experienced in the mid-markets. Global competition, use of the Internet to execute business, changing management models, the pressure to reduce operating costs, and marketing requirements of bringing products to market faster have forced companies to change or become extinct. A common factor in this change is business process re-engineering, implementing business software, and leveraging use of the Internet. However, adopting these changes does not necessarily ensure success, as many companies have come to discover. Re-engineering processes without company-wide context has not solved inefficient and costly processes. Implementation of business software without clear requirements and company-wide participation has fallen short of expectations. And uses of the Internet have posed companies with highly complex problems of integrating new technologies into their existing IT infrastructure.


 Leading Edge Business Solutions has “grown-up” with these issues, therefore we have first-hand knowledge. From our principles to our line support personnel, we have faced these problems, and have helped companies to solve them. This insight uniquely positions us to help the growing number of companies solve their complex business issues. We truly understand your problems as we have been in your position. By successfully sharing our knowledge in terms of business software and professional services, companies have reaped the benefits of cost reduction, highly effective decision support, and integration of business data company-wide.


 By choosing Leading Edge as your business partner, you are enlisting business and technical veterans who can help you with real problems with proven methods and solutions.



 As companies have grown, their computers and software often have not grown with them. Due to many constraints as costs, training, lack of IT Staff, and time, companies made due with the resources that were available.


 To meet business goals of customer satisfaction, shareholder expectations, sales forecasts, and operating cost projections, companies realized that investments in computer technologies were now required.



 By leveraging a company’s low-cost Microsoft-based front and back-end office solutions, iLedge incurs no additional support costs. By using in-place infrastructure of your network, existing IT procedures, and experienced IT Staff, iLedge fits into ongoing operations flawlessly.



 No additional IT Staff, no extensive training needs, no new tools for backup and server maintenance, no new network infrastructure requirements. The end result is iLedge is a natural and low-cost business solution that not only integrates into your current operations, but complements it by providing complete visibility of your business information.


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