Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Management Team
 Leading Edge Business Solutions was founded with the idea that complex business operations in the manufacturing sector can be addressed by software better than the top-tier solutions as Oracle Apps, SAP, BANN, and PeopleSoft.

 Leading Edge Business Solutions was founded with the idea of providing mid-market manufacturers with cost-effective and useful business solution.

 The founders of Leading Edge Business Solutions have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the manufacturing industry. We have worked with some of the world’s largest, most demanding, and most complex companies: Boeing ,General Motors ,Hanjung ,Wang-Tec, Marconi Astronics, Bechtel, HP Toshiba, Gould, Rockwell ,Fujitsu .

 With decades of experience with software packages as SAP, BAAN, Oracle Apps, and others, the founders realized that mid-market companies simply do not have the resources to gain business advantages by implementing any of the top-tier ERP packages. In working with a variety of mid-size companies and second-tier ERP packages, problems plagued the businesses long after software implementations. Computer and network infrastructure issues, vendor problems, lack of trained human resources, and overly complex software, became burdens to a company’s operations.

 Unlike most software publishers in the manufacturing arena, the founders developed business solutions, rather than software packages. The difference is the focus is on the customer, rather than on the OEM’s software. By developing software from the customer’s business perspective, our products are useful and usable. Unlike the competitor’s overly complex modules and demanding workflows, iLedge provides a solution for your company, and not simply a package.

 The iLedge Management Team has vast experience in the enterprise market space. Each manager has spent extensive time with world-class companies in studying their operations, developing complex requirements, analyzing ERP and eBusiness solutions, and providing professional services. Additionally, the founders are frequent contributors to leading journals and conferences world-wide.
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