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Center of Excellence

iLedge has established a “Center of Excellence” to provide World Class comprehensive support and product service to maximize the return on your investment in iLedgERP.

iLedge Center of Excellence consulting services helps mid-market companies implement complete solutions quickly and cost-effectively. By coupling our products with a large, well-trained consulting organization, iLedge makes implementing enterprise applications simpler by providing a single-stop solution for all customer needs.

iLedge maintains a team of highly skilled, experienced consultants who manage product implementation from start to finish. Professional Services is staffed with specialized product experts that know all the do’s and don’ts of implementing iLedge products. The organization leverages extensive industry expertise, in addition to proven methodologies developed over years, to meet the needs of its clients.

Our Center of Excellence has unmatched experience in implementing solutions that span manufacturing, distribution, accounting, customer support, sales, marketing, and eBusiness. The organization boasts a proven track record of more than 100’s successful implementations around the world that can deliver tangible business results faster and more efficiently.

To stay up to date and to responsive to our customers and business partners needs and requirements;  using the feedback we receive to continually improve our customer services including the speed of our responses to queries and the quality of our documentation and training guides.

iLedgERP is designed from the ground up to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible. When questions do occur there are many directions you can choose for resolution.

For self help you can refer to :

§         User's manual

§         Integrated help comprising a comprehensive user guide, FAQs and file definitions

§     Web based support tools which include up to date FAQs, technical bulletins, customer newsletters and utility downloads

§         Training guides

If this doesn't resolve the query then third party assistance can be provided by :

§         Expert support via On-line chat, Telephone, Fax and Email

§         Monthly, Quarterly and/or annual visits

§         Remote support to your iLedgERP system.

§         Authorized business partners

§         On-site consultations   

   Registered Partners :
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