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Training and Education


" It is not enough to do your best;  you must know what to do, and then do your best "

W.  Edward Deming


 Education plays a vital role in any implementation. Your organization will realize the greatest benefit when your employees have a deeper understanding of the software solution, enabling them to make their lives easier and more productive. At iLedge, we can help your employees gain this understanding through our Education programs.

 Our Education Team draws from a wide range of academic and business experiences. They are experts in their field and the application of iLedgERP software, and effectively tie structured learning experiences to real world business challenges. Our goal is for you to come away from every learning experience with a basic foundation of knowledge and the enthusiasm to further develop your understanding.

Classroom Training
 iLedge offers training programs for all levels of your company from top management through middle management, to the casual user and key users. Each specialized course outlines concepts and provides hands on experience required for successful use of the system. For complete details, including a schedule of courses and on-line enrollment, see our course catalog.

 iLedge eLearning programs are designed to offer a flexible and cost-effective way to train your employees, these sessions are offered on-line so there is no expensive travel or extended time away from the office. All you need is a phone line, a Web Browser, an Internet connection, and couple of hours dedicated to learning.

On-Site Education
 iLedge bring the training to you. With On-Site Training our professional instructors can bring their proven curriculum to you. Classes are taught at your location and are useful when an off-site course date doesn’t work with your schedule, when a large group is being trained, or when you wish to maintain confidentiality on sensitive issues.

 On-Site Training also permits customer specific knowledge transfer. We can tailor our instruction to meet the specific needs of your environment. You’ll save time and money by having training done on-site.

Distance Learning
 iLedge Distance Learning programs is designed to bring the training to you. Looking for a more customized on-line training program? Distance Learning may be the answer. With much the same capabilities of eLearning but with the ability to work one-on-one with your employees, Distance Learning offers a customizable plan to help your employees get the most of iLedgERP software.


Current Training Schedule
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