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 Leading Edge Business Solutions has chosen Microsoft at the technology platform for all of its products. Microsoft has a dominant foothold in the front office. Over the last decade, Microsoft has made inroads into the back-office of many mid-market companies. With desktop applications, communications as e-mail, and open database products as Microsoft SQL, many businesses have an established Microsoft presence in their IT infrastructure. By leveraging this existing infrastructure, Leading Edge Business Solutions provides the following advantages:

§    Easy integration of iLedge products

§    Leverage existing IT resources to administer the systems

§    Use of .NET, providing easy, fast, and deployable solutions throughout their organization

§    Microsoft offers some of the most cost-effective computing solutions in the world

§    Open systems offers integration with a variety of systems



 One of the most pressing issues businesses face today is reducing their costs, improving their processes, and providing their core business data to all areas of their business, on demand, anytime, anywhere. This poses significant challenges to traditional ERP systems.

Companies, from a variety of industry segments, have experienced profound benefits from extending their core business data. Examples are capturing new markets, increasing market share, increasing profits, higher quality, building intense customer loyalty, high-growth, and increase brand awareness. These benefits were in large part, achieved by finding new methods to conduct business, and finding new business that is supported by extending current business infrastructure.

 For manufacturers and virtual companies, this means making (at least) their core business data available for transactions, not only to all internal systems and processes, but to external ones as well. Examples are sharing horizon data with suppliers, product and order information with customers, and engineering information with business alliances. Traditional business systems, although completely integrated, are closed to external computer systems and applications. This natural barrier presents an extremely high-cost of entry for mid-market businesses.

 Leading Edge Business Solutions bases all of its product offerings on the Microsoft .NET platform. This allows for rapid integration with other applications (and data) that reside on the Microsoft infrastructure. Building new applications, as an Internet storefront, is easily integrated into the components of the iLedge product suite. The Microsoft environment provides the ideal business environment for any business. New applications are rapidly deployed while share business objects. This process is the basis for extending the core business process with any conceivable business process, internally and externally. 


 Leading Edge products are Microsoft-based, providing customers with the many advantages Microsoft brings to the mid-market.



 iLedge products leverages Microsoft infrastructure leveraging the cost of entry and administrative cost.


§    Utilizes NT operating systems

§    Utilizes Microsoft SQL server

§    True .NET construction

§    No new training for your in-house Microsoft administrator

§    Leverages your current investments in Microsoft technologies

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